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2019 will be the year

a drawing of a purple-haired woman playing an electric violin
art by Jade Gordon

Earlier this month I spent a week at Mystic Fig Studio in San Jose, working on recording tracks for my upcoming album with the amazing Jeff Bohnhoff. Jeff has a keen ear and a well-developed sense for what a piece of music needs in order to be complete. Working with him is a complete joy.

I've been lucky enough to get to record at Mystic Fig in the past for two of Dr. Mary Crowell's albums and one of "Shy Filker" Char MacKay's; those were delightful experiences, but being directly in the producer's crosshairs is another level entirely!

Jeff was exceptionally kind and pragmatic. We worked hard and got vocals and violin for thirteen tracks completed with time to spare, so I was able to listen and provide feedback as Maya added vocal tracks to some of my songs.

I'm really excited about finally getting the bulk of the recording done. I've been hoping to make an album for the last eight years, maybe? and actually doing work towards it for over a year, but it didn't really feel real until now. I'm going to have an album soon. It already sounds so good, I can't wait for you to hear the final product!

I'll talk a lot more about this experience soon. For now, thanks for joining me on this journey!

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